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Employer Brand Strategy

Attract, Engage, Acquire and Retain the Talent You Need

In the Best of Times, Attracting and Retaining Top Talent is Difficult and Costly. For Many Employers, Now is Not the Best of Times.

US companies spend $11 billion annually on employee turnover.

Social Media Ensures That Your Story Will Be Told—even if That Story is Unfavorable.

A recent Gallup poll (2023) cites only 34% of US employees are engaged at work.

An Aging Workforce Means a Massive Shift in Demographics, Perceptions and Needs.

Competition for Talent Has Never Been Stiffer.

There are currently More Jobs Available Than Workers to Fill Them.

Alaant Employer Brand Strategy

Employer Brand Strategy helps you be a better employer. Better employers are more profitable.

What happens when an employer is perceived as a great place to work and delivers on that promise? Well, the quality of job applicants increases. That employer gains a meaningful recruiting edge over their competition. Recruitment costs decrease. Attrition is reduced and employees feel a greater sense of pride and ownership.
What is employer brand strategy?
A solid Employer Brand Strategy is a comprehensive plan to improve the perception (and reality) of your organization as an employer—to deliver incredible candidate and employee experiences at every touchpoint.
How to attract the best employees
Employer Brand Strategy will give your organization a strategic advantage, enabling you to attract, engage and retain the talent you need to meet your long-term objectives.

So, Where to Start?

Start with us. We’re Employer Brand Strategy and Recruitment experts. We’ll help you launch a wildly successful employer brand strategy - and deliver the management solutions you’ll need to understand, evaluate, and improve your employee’s experiences at every touch point.
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