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Headhunting, Recruiting, and Talent Acquisition Services.

Attract Acquire Engage Retain

Navigating the complex landscape of talent acquisition amid skills gaps, the rise of remote work, compensation limitations, and evolving culture demands can be daunting for employers. Alaant is here to offer seamless solutions to these challenges. We specialize in headhunting, recruiting, and talent acquisition, aligning companies of all sizes (from small businesses and start-ups to enterprise level organizations) with individuals that fit their unique needs and cultures.

Alaant’s services encompass a variety of hiring scenarios and human capital needs, with our experts providing specialized and tailor-made strategies to address each company’s specific requirements.

Components of a Robust Workforce Strategy

  • Attract: Draw in the most qualified candidates.

  • Acquire: Secure top talent that aligns with your organization's goals.

  • Engage: Foster an environment where employees feel valued and motivated.

  • Retain: Develop strategies to keep your standout employees long-term.

  • Consider

    Staffing & Recruitment Services

    Leverage our extensive recruiting and staffing expertise coupled with leading candidate sourcing technology, ensuring that the best talent is within your reach, regardless of where you are located.

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  • You Might Require

    Employer Brand Strategy

    A fortified Employer Brand Strategy is imperative in today’s competitive job market. It encompasses a detailed plan to enhance both the perception and the reality of your organization as an employer of choice. Ensuring your EVP (Employee Value Proposition) is in line with your mission and values, we help candidates see all the great things your diverse and inclusive workplace has to offer.

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  • You May Need

    Talent Acquisition Partnership (TAP)

    An alternative to traditional Direct Hire or Contingent Staffing, our TAP model, similar to Recruiting Process Outsourcing (RPO) provides you with a different approach, still yielding high results. Our top-notch executive recruiters and staffing professionals integrate seamlessly with your team, delivering unmatched service and cost savings. By becoming an extension of your company, we ensure your talent acquisition strategy is on point, and your organizational needs are met effectively.

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Talent Solutions – At Your Fingertips

With Alaant, transcend geographical boundaries and compensation constraints, and connect with the right candidates who can drive your organization forward. Whether your need is headhunting the crème de la crème, recruiting skilled professionals, or incorporating strategies to attract a more diverse hiring pool, we are here to elevate your hiring process and enrich your organizational culture.

Client Testimonials

  • “Positive temporary placements plus one resulting in the hiring of the candidate.”

  • “Alaant team is great, very knowledgeable on the current market and can set realistic expectations.”

  • “When working with Alaant I feel as if we are a part of a team. Culture means a lot to my company and Alaant brings in candidates for us as if they were here, sitting beside me, and working towards our mission themselves. It's great!”

  • “Customer service, communication, friendliness.”

  • “We have had a number of hires from Alaant that we have been very pleased with.”

  • “All of the candidates we have received have filled the position adequately and met our expectations.”

  • “Alaant is always responsive and timely, providing top quality candidates.”

  • “Alaant is so supportive and they really take the time to listen to our needs. They partner with you and care about the success of your new hire and your organization.”

  • “I have always enjoyed working with Alaant staff. They are professional and responsive to the nth degree!”

  • “All 3 (Monica, Angela and Denise) work hard to ensure our needs are met and are always flexible with new changes and processes.”

  • “As we transitioned to a new corporation we needed a position filled quickly, Amy (Stringer) quickly found a candidate to fit the position and consistently followed up to make sure we were happy. She made the process seamless.”

  • “Amy (Stringer) is my main contact at Alaant so my remarks in the survey are a result of Amy's great support and responsiveness.”

  • “Nick does a great job at following up and has a great understanding of our company and culture!”

  • “Love working with Amy Alvarez!”

  • “Recruitment support from Amy Alvarez has been outstanding!”

  • “So responsive. So helpful. She is so in tune with our culture and needs!”

  • “Amy has placed 10 of 12 members of my team. They all have been great.”

  • “Provided a number of excellent candidates and was super patient with me when my hiring managers changed things up mid-process! Amy is flexible and works with any curveball that gets thrown her way, love working with her!”

  • “Amy always makes sure to turn around candidates in a timely fashion. She is amazing at what she does.”

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