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Frequently Asked Questions for Job-Seekers

Finding a new job is often a difficult undertaking. Recruiters and staffing agencies sometimes have a well-earned, bad reputation among many job-seekers. That shouldn't be the case, and here at Alaant we're committed to the long-term success of all job-seeking candidates.

Below are some of the questions we receive most often from job-seekers. Hopefully, you will find this helpful as you evaluate Alaant. We look forward to partnering with you!

What is a Staffing Agency and what do you do?

A Staffing Agency is a company that is hired/paid by other companies to find employees for their organization. A Staffing Agency’s clients are the companies who hire them to find employees. This could be on a temporary or full time basis. We are paid by the employers looking to hire not by jobseekers.

Is there any cost associated with recruitment services for job-seekers?

Our services for job seekers are completely free. In fact it is illegal in many states to charge anything for our services to job seekers/applicants. Alaant never charges any fees to a job seeker who benefits from our assistance and, if you are a temporary employee on our payroll, we never deduct any fees for our assistance from your paycheck.

How quickly will you find me a job?

There is no guarantee you will find a job through Alaant. However, Alaant has established strong working relationships with many well-known employers to help facilitate job placements. We receive new requests on a daily basis for many skill sets, industry and experience levels. Since our inception, we have placed thousands of employees in new positions with hundreds of employers.

Do you provide resume writing services?

At Alaant we focus on finding great talent for the employers who engage with us. We will review your resume with you and make suggestions for improvements. If you need more assistance we are happy to refer you to a professional resume writer.

What companies do you work with?

Alaant is engaged by many types of companies, large and small, across various industries. We place individuals in temporary, temporary to direct hire and direct hire/full-time roles at various career stages.

What is your pre-hire testing process?

Depending on the role you are seeking you may be required to complete skills assessments through an online system. In addition to skills assessments, we conduct a thorough employment reference verification. This state-of-the-art system provides employment verification capabilities, which are easy to use and much quicker than traditional methods. We also conduct a criminal background check on every placement regardless if it is for a one-day temp assignment or a full-time direct hire job.

Do I need to keep applying online to positions as I am interested in them?

Once you have applied for a position, your resume and questionnaire will remain in our database indefinitely. As new roles become available we do cross-reference and search our database first for talent that could match the new role. If you have interviewed with a Alaant recruiter the best course of action would be to contact that recruiter directly to discuss other roles.

How does the recruiting process work with Alaant?

Alaant requires that any job-seeker interested in working with Alaant participate in our interview process. This process includes meeting in person and/or by online video with an Alaant recruiter who will discuss with the candidate their skills, experiences, career objectives and how Alaant can assist them in their job search.

Once the interview is complete, we may ask a candidate to take skills assessments. These skills assessments are based on the role for which they are applying and our client’s requirements for the open job.

Once the interview and skills assessments are complete, the Alaant recruiter will review open roles that match the job-seeker's skills, experience, and our client’s culture.

If the job-seeker is interested and wants to be considered for the role, then the Alaant recruiter will refer the candidate to our client for consideration.

Simultaneously, Alaant also begins the reference/employment verification process and coordinates all necessary activities with our client and the job-seeker throughout the interview process up to and including oversight and extending the job offer.

Alaant then coordinates all necessary pre-employment and onboarding paperwork, conducts a criminal background investigation and a drug test if required by our client.

How should I prepare for the interview with a potential employer?

The Alaant recruiter will work one on one with you during the entire process. Each client has different requirements and needs, the Alaant recruiter will educate you on everything you may need to know, assist you in researching the company and the role to help you be as prepared as possible for the interview. Alaant will not stage answers or tell you what to say but we will help you prepare to be confident, well educated and prepared for your interviews.

Can I work with more than one Recruiter at Alaant?

Yes, because Alaant's recruiters work with assigned clients and specialties it is possible different recruiters will have different opportunities available for our job seekers as any time. The best course of action is to contact the recruiter you had your interview with and they can coordinate aligning you with others on our team.

How should I dress for an interview in a casual/business casual environment?

Regardless of the environment, you should always dress professionally for your interviews. It is recommended you dress professionally for your first meeting/interview with Alaant. Our recruiter will guide you through the process to include interview prep and how to dress for additional interviews with our clients.

Why do companies use professional headhunters, and not just recruit on their own?

An employer may choose to use a professional headhunter for a variety of reasons. Often times,  an employer has exhausted their recruitment efforts first before engaging a firm. Headhunters are in the business of recruiting so we have access to an extensive talent pool, the latest technologies, tools, and methods to find talent that the employer may not.

Employers also use recruitment firms to outsource recruiting due to time constraints or other factors as well. Sometimes we are engaged because it is a confidential search and they can remain anonymous.

Do you have more questions? If so, please reach out and we will do our best to answer.

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