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Professional and Administrative

Alaant Workforce Solutions: Driving Business Excellence

Discover the power of exceptional talent with Alaant Workforce Solutions, your ultimate partner for staffing across a vast array of professional roles. With a legacy of over 25 years in recruitment, we specialize in connecting forward-thinking companies with professionals in administrative & customer support, accounting/finance, operations, sales, human resources, marketing and management. At Alaant, we're not just filling positions—we're catalyzing growth and building the foundations of successful businesses.

Professional and Administrative

Empowering Businesses, Elevating Careers

Alaant is committed to redefining recruitment by focusing on strategic placements that propel businesses forward. We understand that every role from an administrative assistant to a chief financial officer holds the potential to impact your company’s trajectory. Our holistic approach ensures we find not only skilled individuals but also strategic thinkers who align with your business’s vision and values.

Delivering Results, Exceeding Expectations

Today’s business landscape demands agility and a deep understanding of diverse professional fields. Our recruiters are equipped with the insights and tools needed to tackle these demands by finding candidates who excel in their specialties and fit seamlessly into your company culture. We ensure that every placement is a step towards enhancing your operational effectiveness and market position.

Dynamic Talent Solutions

We tailor our recruitment strategies to align with your specific business needs. By understanding your company's unique goals and culture, we deliver candidates who bring both the right skill set and the drive to innovate. Our commitment is to transform your workforce into a powerhouse that drives business success and adaptation in a rapidly changing world.

Choose Alaant for a Competitive Edge

Our rigorous selection process and comprehensive candidate evaluations are designed to ensure you gain more than just employees; you gain future leaders and innovators. By fostering a match between technical skills and personal dynamics, we help you cultivate a workforce that is not only capable but also dedicated to propelling your business forward.

Pioneering Recruitment Techniques

At Alaant, we leverage the latest in recruitment technology and methodology to provide you with superior staffing solutions. Our approach integrates in-depth market analysis, candidate profiling, and a commitment to understanding the nuances of each industry we serve.


Versatile Expertise Across Industries

No matter the professional role you need to fill, from the bustling front line operations to the strategic echelons of management, Alaant is adept at navigating the complex talent landscape to find your ideal candidates. We offer flexible staffing models, including Direct Hire and Contract Staffing, to ensure optimal alignment with your operational needs and strategic goals.

Your Partner in Sustainable Business Growth

Choose Alaant Workforce Solutions to empower your team and elevate your operations. Let us help you build not just a workforce, but a future where your business thrives amid challenges and leads with innovation.

  • "The Alaant team in Albany is outstanding. They are responsive, forthright, and operate with integrity. We are always pleased to partner with Amy Stringer and her team."

    Sue Hoffman
    Vice President, Human Resources 
    Healthcare Association of New York State

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