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Engineering Your Career

Embark on your engineering career with Alaant Workforce Solutions, your expert partner in engineering recruitment. With more than 25 years of diverse experience, we excel at navigating the complex landscape of engineering, securing top-tier positions that will propel your career forward. Our deep understanding of the engineering sector enables us to effectively tackle the unique challenges and opportunities of this dynamic field.


Powering Innovation

Alaant is a leader in engineering recruitment, working with industry pioneers across various disciplines such as civil, mechanical, electrical, and process engineering. We do more than match technical qualifications—we ensure a seamless integration into company cultures that enhances your professional growth.

The Insider Advantage

In the engineering field, you face rapidly evolving technologies and project-specific demands, our experienced recruiters understand these nuances and connect you with opportunities to navigate these complexities, ensuring your career progression and sustained success.

Tailored Talent Solutions for Engineers

We delve into your career aspirations to provide opportunities that are not only technically fitting but also transformative, enhancing your capabilities and integrating effortlessly with your specific needs.

Expert Solutions, Streamlined Career Advancement

Our rigorous intake process and in-depth vetting ensure that you are placed in roles that perfectly aligned with your career objectives. This strategic approach fosters your innovation and operational excellence.

Cutting-Edge Recruitment Methodology

We leverage our deep industry knowledge and extensive client database to ensure that opportunities align perfectly with your career, matching your technical expertise and your professional development objectives.

Broad Engineering Expertise

We cater to a diverse range of engineering sectors, offering roles in both dedicated engineering firms, and industrial and/or manufacturing settings. Whether you’re seeking opportunities in areas such as civil projects, mechanical design, electrical control systems, or process engineering, we have the expertise to guide you to the right position.

Build Your Career Your Way

Choose from Direct Hire or Contract Staffing options to best suit your career trajectory. Our recruitment strategy is crafted not just to meet, but to exceed your expectations, fostering lasting partnerships and driving continual advancement in your engineering career.

"The team at Alaant Workforce Solutions has provided top quality services to PlugIn Stations Online for the past 4 years. During that time, they have worked tirelessly to bring the highest quality candidates to our team. Alaant has been very successful at placing quality, appropriate, long-term employees to fit the exact needs of PlugIn Stations Online. I highly recommend Tom and his team to anyone looking to fill important roles in their organization."

John Doran
PlugIn Stations Online

"We love working with Alaant Workforce Solutions which has brought a true partnership approach to our engagement. They are strategic and collaborative, flexible and responsive. They listen to our needs, understand our requirements, and work proactively to deliver results. We consider Alaant a valued partner and, just as importantly, an extension of our world-class team."

John Hand
Vice President, Operations
Pallidus, Inc.

Meet the Engineering Team Leaders