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Analytics in Hiring

Hiring Analytics

It’s important to get hiring right and get it right the first time. Technology plays a bigger role than ever in hiring. Many parts of the process are now automated; artificial intelligence capabilities are readily available and predictive testing is being used to eliminate discriminatory and emotional bias. While some critics of predictive testing sound alarms about bypassing groups of candidates that don’t fit a particular pattern, advocates argue it’s time the hiring process became more accurate, scientifically rigorous, and less subjective.

The Alaant team believes injecting some level of objective data into the talent acquisition process is a step in the right direction.  Since studies show that individuals who have the right traits and competencies for specific jobs will outperform those without those qualities, using these assessments can save time and money. Additionally, it can benefit your culture by finding a candidate who is both suitable and qualified to get the job done.

Even when a company has a rigorous behavioral (video interview, personality assessment) interview process, candidates can interview extremely well and completely fail once they are on the job. This makes it easy to see how a company could benefit from introducing more accurate (data-based) means of finding candidates.

Talent Analytics

We encourage our clients to use technology tools to streamline their hiring process and take the guesswork out of it, especially when it comes to checking references. Reference checking provides valuable input for making a hiring decision, but it has now become a ‘check the box’ rather than a way to gain good insight about a candidate and their potential for success. Past performance and how a candidate handled certain workplace situations are exactly what hiring managers need to know about, but too often this is not what a reference check is doing anymore. That’s why we use a talent analytic solution to automate reference checking.  

It eliminates the need to make phone calls, adds objective data to the process, and provides reliable information that predicts the success of the candidate in future roles. When hiring decisions need to be right, it’s critical to know if the candidate can perform the job they are applying for. Collected from peers, supervisors and customers, this type of data makes the hiring process much more reliable. You can easily identify individuals that will be better aligned with roles, stay longer in your organization, and perform better. This is all accomplished through a reference checking process that takes references less than 5 minutes to complete with 98% of results delivered within 24 hours.

For any company that is trying to add data and speed to their hiring process, reduce employee turnover, and identify top performers that will stay longer, predictive reference checking is a must. Let us show you how to leverage analytics to make the best hiring decisions. Contact us.

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Nick Maciariello

Nick Maciariello, Director of Sales

When it comes to making great hiring decisions, Nick is all about delivering the best outcomes to clients. To do this, he helps them understand the value that HR technology adds to the hiring process to streamline it and make it more effective.

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