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5 Reasons a Veteran Could be Your Next Great Employee

There is an outstanding talent pool available to employers, filled with individuals who possess exceptional skills, a strong work ethic and integrity, and a team- and organization-first mindset. These are exactly the type of people companies seek to support their mission and goals, and yet, they are too often left on the sidelines when it’s time to hire. I’m talking about veterans – and encouraging companies to recognize the amazing employees they’re missing out on.

Many times, veterans have non-traditional career paths. That means hiring managers need to work harder to uncover the significant assets they can bring to the workplace. Here are 5 of the most important that warrant further consideration. 

1) Veterans have a high degree of self-discipline and professionalism. From the time an individual begins service in the armed forces, these values are ingrained in them. They understand the need to get the job done, and to do it the right way – traits that can benefit organizations across every industry.  

2) Veterans have specialized skills and training. From operating and maintaining high-tech tools and equipment, to understanding sophisticated software systems, to knowing how to strategically plan for an engagement, their experience often includes abilities that are highly transferable to many civilian occupations. 

3) Veterans understand and appreciate leadership. They have a keen sense and healthy respect for the chain of command, and just as importantly, have been trained to lead other members of their team. This combination provides a deep foundation for an employee that will embrace the company’s vision and help others to achieve it.

4) Veterans have a strong sense of employer loyalty. They are dedicated to the success of the organization they serve, keeping their eye on the big picture, and understanding the role they play in getting there. Similarly, they are motivated by contributing to successful outcomes, rather than seeing a role merely as a stepping stone to their next career opportunity.

5) Veterans are well-versed in diversity, equity and inclusion. This is one of the biggest imperatives for any organization, and veterans have lived it throughout their military service. As young men and women, they come together from across the country to form teams and work cohesively toward common interests. Further, many have traveled around the world and gained valuable experience working in multi-cultural environments.   

These attributes may not necessarily be spelled out on a resume, but a good hiring manager should know how to uncover them. The professionals at Alaant work with a variety of agencies, including veterans’ groups, to match great candidates with forward-thinking employers. Can we help your organization on that path? Contact us today and let’s get the conversation started!

About the Author

Tom Schin Director, Talent Acquisition Partnerships & Recruiting Consulting Services for Alaant Workforce Solutions

Tom SchinDirector, Talent Acquisition Partnerships & Recruiting Consulting Services

When he’s not working, Tom is an avid board game enthusiast, from Catan to Canasta, who makes sure game night is fun for everyone (even though they’ll probably lose). He’s also fond of celebrating his status as a child of the ‘80s by watching Star Wars, listening to U2, and reminiscing about his (gone-but-not-forgotten) Andre Agassi haircut.