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Manager of Treat Consumption and Stress Relief

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The Art of Being a Dog
Stress Relief
Employee Wellbeing

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Olive is Alaant’s Manager of Treat Consumption and Stress Relief. She understands that the work environment can be trying and has devoted her life to easing those tensions. Olive is also aware, that treats are a vital part of any successful business and has taken on that role as well. She loves being able to make people smile, being walked, and petted, and ensuring that people have the best experience at work.

In her spare time, Olive enjoys spending time with family, such as her dad Zachary. She loves, going to the dog park to play with her friends and play with sticks. You will also find her enjoying a nice cold Puppuccino from Starbucks. On a quiet, evening you will find Olive enjoying popcorn or string cheese, something her boss Amy Stringer got her hooked on. If you find Olive on your travels you will quickly learn she is your best friend, you just don’t know it yet.

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