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Leveraging Transferable Skills

Alaant’s, Managing Partner, Miriam Dushane shares insight on how transferable skills can be leveraged for the modern workplace.

Hi, I’m Miriam Dushane of Alaant Workforce Solutions.

A question we often hear from budding professionals entering the workforce right out of high school or college is - How do I land a job without any experience? Well, let me tell you, this is a common dilemma.

But here's some great news! You likely possess more experience than you realize! The secret lies in leveraging your transferable skills. Yes, you heard it right, your transferable skills!

Consider your academic journey - remember all the group assignments and projects? The deadlines you had to meet? Well, that's collaboration and time management, and guess what? Those are transferable skills!

Participated in a sports team, a club, or volunteered at an event? These activities cultivate essential skills that are incredibly valuable in any workplace.

This message is also for employers. I encourage you to be more open-minded towards the unique, transferable, and perhaps "non-traditional" skills that young workers bring to the table.

In the face of a shrinking workforce, embracing a diverse range of backgrounds and skill sets can vastly expand your potential talent pool. The investment in these adaptable, versatile employees promises a significant return, shaping a prosperous future for your organization.

So, let's rethink our understanding of 'experience'. In the modern workplace, every skill counts!

Alaant works with countless job seekers and employers every day- how can we help you?  You can contact me directly at 518-689-3138 or visit us at 

Have a great day and let’s talk soon!

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