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Is Back to the Office Right for Your Company?

Miriam Dushane, Managing Partner of Alaant weighs in on the debate of office work vs remote work.

Hi there, I’m Miriam Dushane of Alaant Workforce Solutions.

The debate continues- office work vs remote work- productivity vs. cheeks in seats?  

What’s right for your company?

The answer is – well….. it depends.

There have been many reported benefits for hybrid & remote work such as- greater talent pool to hire from, higher productivity in most cases and increased work/life balance. 

Opponents will argue that there is a lack of culture, community, collaboration and management challenges

All of this can be true or false depending on how you address it.

Yes- it can be more difficult to create and nurture a strong culture and manage remote workers- but not impossible. Companies need to do the work if they want a successful remote/hybrid structure. That’s the key, in my experience I find most organizations who are against remote work are unwilling to do the work to make it successful. 

On the flip side, mandating employees in your office can backfire - forcing people to do anything does not foster an environment of collaboration and trust. Especially if the work in the office can be easily done remotely. Just because you see someone sitting at a desk in your office, doesn’t make them instantly more productive. 

In the voice of our friends at Cresa- employers need to earn the commute- think about perks and benefits and an environment that employees want to be a part of- better yet- ask them for ideas and what will earn their commute

At the end of the day, the majority of workers want and need some flexibility, want to work autonomously and be trusted. There is never a one size fits all in any company or with any employee but the great news is with technology and a new mindset almost everything is possible.  

Want to brainstorm options for your company? Call me directly at (518) 689-3138, post a comment or question below, or visit us online at

Have a great day and let’s talk soon!

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