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Hiring During Economic Uncertainty

Alaant’s, Tom Schin shares hiring tips for uncertain economic times.

Hi everyone, Tom Schin here again from Alaant Workforce Solutions. The start of the new year is well past us, granted the snow is still melting. We’re here today to discuss the impact of potential economic uncertainty and what it can do to your hiring pool.

What do we mean when we say “economic uncertainty?”  It’s all the talk about a potential recession which may have an impact on various industries and locations around the country – and yes, it has a direct impact on who you can hire.

While polling research shows that candidates are taking the calls for new roles, the thought of a recession can be scary.  Think if it this way – if there was a chance that you weren’t going to be able to pay your car loan, or your mortgage, would you entertain leaving your safety blanket job?  Maybe or maybe not – but it does change what candidates will consider.

Not to fret – here are some things you can do to get ahead of those concerns:

1) Be transparent – definitely celebrate where you’re going strong, and how you’re being successful – on LinkedIn, your other social accounts, AND with your current employee base

2) Be vulnerable – if you’ve had a few bad reviews, explain how you addressed and overcame them. You can use that timeframe as a reference point – after such and such date, we did this that and the other.

3) Be loud about your values and how you connect with employees on them. Above income, candidates care about a cause or organization they can stand behind. If you have a great message, share it!

4) Be more flexible with what candidates are looking for (beyond the money). It will feel a little weird at first, but you’ll get greater results, and open the door to a whole new candidate pool.

Do these resonate with you but you still need more? Post a comment or question below, or visit us online at We’re here to help! Not only watching the snow melt but with all your recruiting needs.

Enjoy the day – Happy Hiring

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