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A Strategic Approach to Recruiting

Have a small recruiting team and looking to better prioritize your hiring needs? Alaant’s, Miriam Dushane shares strategies on how to do just that!

Hi! I'm Miriam Dushane with Alaant Workforce Solutions. Let’s talk about an important topic for businesses that are growing- how do you handle multiple roles with a small team? 

As your company grows, finding the right talent becomes crucial, and a strategic approach to recruiting is essential for success.

First - let's take a look at your current situation.

Who's doing the work now? Identify the team members responsible for handling the recruitment process internally.

How much can they handle? Determine if your current team can manage the recruitment process effectively while maintaining their other responsibilities.

Timing is everything – how quickly do roles need to be filled? Some roles will have a shorter lifecycle than specialized roles. And if your team is max’d you are going to need help.

Focus your team on the quick fills and the ones they’d had success filling in the past. Engage an external recruiter on the tougher, longer cycle roles this will help balance the budget and the workload for your busy team.

Now, let's talk about the cost implications of leaving roles open for an extended period of time.

The longer a role or roles remain unfilled, the more it will affect productivity, team morale, and overall business performance.

While there is a cost to an external recruiter, partnering with a reputable firm will have a positive impact for your team and business. 

They will have prior experience recruiting in your industry, they will have an extensive network of potential candidates and they will have guaranteed protections to ensure your placement fee is well spent.

Engaging an external recruiting firm can be the right move for your company when you have multiple roles and a limited team or capacity. By thinking strategically and considering various factors, such as your team's capabilities, timing, and the cost of leaving roles open, you can make informed decisions about when and where to enlist external help.

Can we help you? Call me today 518-689-3138, let’s brainstorm together on the best workforce solutions for your organization!

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