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Unlocking the Power of Pay Transparency

Check out this video from Alaant’s Miriam Dushane, on what the results of our latest QOTW poll on pay transparency mean and how Alaant can help employers navigate the ever-changing labor market. 

In our recent survey poll on pay transparency in job listings, 80% of participants found it highly beneficial. The results may suggest that the majority of respondents are job seekers rather than employers. As I have heard mixed reviews from employers.

But, listing salaries benefits everyone by aligning expectations. Applicants can gauge if the job meets their financial needs and get insight into market rates, while employers can attract candidates fitting their budget and requirements.

However, employers may worry about internal pay equity issues and revealing salary scales to competitors. Addressing pay equity is critical, as the legislation aims to correct underpayment, especially among women and underrepresented groups. Public salary disclosures can equalize opportunities and mitigate excessive salary competitions like the kind we saw during the pandemic.  Employers should consult compensation experts to ensure fair pay structures internally before recruiting new talent.

In today's job market, beyond salary, perks and benefits are also key to attracting talent.  At Alaant, we work with employers providing real-time data and insight on pay and availability of skill sets in the marketplace. Can we help you? Call me at 518-689-3138 or visit us online at Let's tackle this dynamic job market together!

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