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The Crucial Role of Leadership in Employee Retention

Alaant’s Miriam Dushane weighs in on the crucial role of leadership in employee retention.

Today, let's look at a crucial aspect of modern workplaces: employee retention. You've likely heard the saying, "People don't quit companies, they quit their managers." Our recent poll echoes this sentiment, revealing that over 68% of respondents left their last job due to poor management.

This phenomenon isn't new, and frankly, the results aren't surprising. But it does raise an important question: why haven't companies effectively addressed this issue? In today's evolving work environment, marked by hybrid and remote work models and demographic shifts – with baby boomers exiting the workforce and a smaller influx of millennials and Gen Z – it's imperative for employers to adapt. This involves a critical responsibility: training managers to understand and value what's important to their employees.

Remember, the employment landscape offers numerous opportunities for employees, and employer engagement doesn't end with hiring; in fact, it's just the beginning.

The key? Invest in your leaders. Equip them with the tools and techniques necessary for effective coaching and mentoring. This shouldn't be a one-time effort but an ongoing commitment to excellence in leadership.

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