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Recapping the 2024 Alaant Hiring Index: Key Insights & Hiring Trends

Miriam Dushane, Managing Partner of Alaant recaps the latest hiring trends and insights from the 2024 Alaant Hiring Index.

Hi, everyone! Today I want to share some key insights from the 2024 Alaant Hiring Index.  But first a huge shout out to everyone who joined us at our Hiring Index Results Reveal event that happened last week.

Thank you to Michele Kollmer and the team at Broadview for welcoming us and taking care of all the details. Thank you to our panelists Jason Benitez, Jordan Steller, and Jessie Zweigenthal- your insights on the data were informative and very much appreciated!

For those who may have missed it let's dive into the key findings of this year’s Alaant Hiring Index:

  • 56% of employers expect to increase hiring throughout the year. Despite economic concerns, 77% remain optimistic about their hiring plans.

  • However, 66% of employers foresee significant hiring challenges over the next six months. The main obstacles? - skills gap, labor shortage and salary demands.

  • Hybrid work remains consistent, with 44% of employers offering this option. Yet, 55% do not, and 56% are not open to remote hiring.

  • This year we asked about plans for a 4-day work week and 72% of employers reported that it would be impractical for their business.

Overall, the Index shows a positive outlook as hiring continues to rise. However, it's crucial for companies to remain creative and address current trends to stay an employer of choice. While hiring is up, finding top talent remains a significant challenge.

At Alaant, we're here to support employers with the guidance and solutions needed to achieve their staffing and workforce goals we would love to work with you. Call me today at 518-689-3138 or visit us online at let’s talk about programs that will work for you!

Read the full results of the Alaant Hiring Index here.

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