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Building Trust in Recruiter-Employer Partnerships

Check out this video from Alaant’s Miriam Dushane, as she shares more on why trust is the cornerstone of every successful recruiter-employer partnership.

Why is trust so important in the recruiter-employer relationship?

Partnering with Alaant for recruitment means so much more than a business deal—it's about creating mutual trust and understanding.

We strive to comprehend your recruitment history, present requirements, and future aspirations to identify the perfect candidate.

Let’s face it, Recruitment is time consuming and complex. We simplify it by taking all of that off your plate.  We will take care of job postings- if needed, reviewing resumes, finding candidates, screening them, selling them on your company and organizing your interviews.  This ensures you get candidates who are a good fit and are genuinely interested in what your company has to offer.

Should your requirements be exceptionally unique—akin to seeking a "purple squirrel"—we're dedicated to meeting your needs. But we'll also provide honest, data-backed advice because our success is directly linked to yours. 

Need to hire? Call me directly at 518-689-3138 or visit us online at I look forward to talking with you! Have a great week!

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